Who is Anisha Thomas?

Anisha Thomas is a Registered Early Childhood Educator running for DPCDSB Trustee for Wards1, 3, and 4. She has lived in the Dufferin Peel environment all her life and has attended DPCDSB schools from kindergarten to grade 12.

Having gone through the Catholic school system, she understands the conflicts and struggles our students encounter in their daily lives. Thus, Anisha has the determination to bring forth solutions to ongoing obstacles faced in our Catholic School community.

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Throughout her life, Anisha has participated in several organizations that demonstrate diversity, leadership and her faith. She started her journey in leadership at a young age through her involvement in a non-profit, cultural organization called Canadian Malayalee Association (CMA). Throughout her time volunteering at CMA, she has encouraged youth participation in cultural events, fundraisers, and charity events. Anisha has shown to be a constructive member of society by volunteering in multiple settings such as church, DPCDSB schools, non-profit organizations, homeless shelters, and special needs centres.

Educational & Professional Background

Anisha is currently working towards obtaining an Honours Bachelor of Childhood Development; her educational background, and professional experience in childcare settings provides Anisha with a deep understanding of the crucial role that schools, teachers, parents, and role models have in shaping students' lives. She believes that through active participation in Catholic education, students can grow in faith and become moral decision makers, capable of contributing to the goodness of the community

Catholic Education System

Anisha is hardworking and reliable, with a passionate dedication to the Catholic Education system. She believes that through her commitment to the DPCDSB Wards 1, 3, and 4, she will be able to address issues that concern students, teachers, and parents within the Catholic community.

Goals for the Next 5 Years




Anisha has volunteered to help youth within the CMA organization. She brings in knowledge and has a passion to work with children and is exceptionally well communicating with parents and children. The children look up to her and she guides them in different ways. She would make a wonderful Trustee. I wish her all the best.

Church Trustee


Anisha is devoted to helping children and making them into better individuals. She has been a crucial member to this parish by volunteering and helping the children learn more about Catholicism. She is an active participant of this church and is a contributing member or society. There is no doubt in my mind that she can be a Trustee who really has a passion about the education system and how to make it better for parents, children, and staff.


Seneca College

Anisha is an ambitious student who demonstrates her ability to create new ideas that surround an inclusive and open spaced environment. With her background in Early Childhood Education, she brings forth the knowledge to make a school environment better based on values according to the Ministry of Education. She has integrity and is a capable individual to be the next DPCDSB Trustee.

Former Trustee

Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board

Anisha has shown that she is dependable and adaptable. She has the knowledge of the education system and knows how to create solutions. She is very open minded and is very understanding. Her youth, personality, and values are what makes her capable of becoming the next Trustee.

Elementary Student

Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board

This is what I, a DPCDSB student who is attending St. Kevin Separate School, think about Anisha Thomas, a trustee candidate. Anisha Thomas is an intelligent, responsible, reasonable, independent, and an open-minded person. She has shown these traits through her interactions and of me knowing her. Anisha Thomas has helped me through so much. One thing she helped me to be is a better person. By that I mean she has taught me to be a strong independent woman. I believe Anisha Thomas would be a fabulous Trustee because she is passionate about making a positive change.

Secondary Student

Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board

As a tenth grade student attending St. Augustine Secondary School in Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board, I think the new trustee candidate, Anisha Thomas, would be an excellent trustee for our school board. Anisha Thomas is a great representative for the wards she’s running for because she has an abundance of experience with children, as an early childhood educator. She has experience with large groups, making public speaking and decision-making simple for her. This means she will act responsibly and reasonably when challenged or under pressure. The things Anisha Thomas wants to change and/or improve in this school board are relevant, important matters. This makes her motives much more eye-catching and gives all the more reason to vote for her. I truly believe Anisha Thomas can positively impact this school board, making helpful decisions that can improve Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board..

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dufferin-Peel’s Catholic schools are overseen by a board of 11 elected trustees. Trustees serve as system leaders of publicly funded education in their communities and province. They work collaboratively with their community to shape a vision for the board that is reflective of the input of parents, students and community members. Trustees advocate for excellence in education and act as role models to engender confidence in publicly funded education. In addition, Catholic school trustees have a clearly defined role as stewards and guardians of Catholic education.” (https://www.dpcdsb.org/about-us/trustees)
    Anisha hopes to fulfill this role for you and be your voice for future meetings to express your concerns.

  • You must be:
    i. A Roman Catholic
    ii. 18 years old or older
    iii. Qualify to vote in the municipality
    iv. Qualify as an elector for the English-language separate district school board; or
    v. A supporter (or a spouse of a supporter) of the English-language separate district school board

  • The election will be held on Monday October 24th, 2022 between 10 am to 8 pm.

  • If your municipality has wards, you must vote in the ward where you live. If you are also the owner or tenant of a property in another ward, you are not permitted to vote in that ward instead.
    If you are a non-resident elector and you own or rent properties in more than one ward in the municipality, you must choose one ward to vote in. Make sure that you are on the voters’ list for that qualifying address.

  • More information about where to vote is coming soon

  • Proceed to the get involved tab - there are volunteer opportunities, opportunities to campaign or be a part of the team or simply get involved by putting a sign on your lawn to show your support

    Students looking for volunteer opportunities will be given the chance to get volunteer hours as well

    More information regarding voting is on the following website: Click Here

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